House Of Lords – Saint of the Lost Souls (2017)

HouseLords_SaintLostSouls4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Apart from perhaps one so-so album in the early part of this century, and despite seemingly endless changes within its lineup since its debut in the late ’80s, House Of Lords is probably one of the most consistent bands in the genre regarding its overall sound and style, delivering albums every few years with catchy material, outstanding musicianship and vocals, and full and rich production.

2017’s Saint of the Lost Souls is another out-and-out scorcher, grand and glistening and glorious, perhaps even matching the supremacy of 2006’s near-perfect World Upside Down, with (sole original member) James Christian’s powerful vocals leading the way, and the band’s trademarked Pomp-Rock keyboards (originally supplied by the great Gregg Giuffria of Angel fame until his retirement, and performed on this album by Christian himself) adding to the majesty of the band’s overall style. Also featured on this album is the wonderfully tasty and blazing six-string fretwork from seasoned guitarist Jimi Bell, as well as the tight-as-heck rhythm section of new bassist Chris Tristram and long-time House of Lords’s drummer B.J. Zampa.

With tracks such as the keyboard-rich opener “Harlequin,” as well as other melodious rockers like “Art of Letting Go,” “Concussion,” “The Other Option,” “Reign of Fire,” “New Day Breakin’,” and the outstanding title tune, along with the lush ballad “The Sun Will Never Set Again,” Saint of the Lost Souls proves once again that House Of Lords is truly a top-class act, and this album is simply Pomp-tastic!


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