Jesse Strange – Jesse Strange (1992)

JesseStrange_13.5 out of 5 Stars!

From the city renowned for its wild and rocking spring break parties—Fort Lauderdale, Florida—came Jesse Strange, a band that released only two albums in the ’90s before disappearing.

The group’s brand of no-frills, guitar-driven, melodic Hard Rock/Hair Metal often reminded me of other acts from the same era, such as Tesla, Babylon A.D., Tora Tora, Great White, and Trixter.

Although Jesse Strange offered nothing revolutionary or overly special in the world of “party rock,” the band did have an ear for writing some catchy, sing-along choruses such as those found on “Love on the Telephone,” “Dancing for Strangers,” “Make a Wish,” “Weekend Tonight,” “Living Without Your Love,” and “The Last Goodbye,” and in general, had a decent singer and better-than-average musicianship compared to many of its contemporaries, thereby making this collection fun for the occasional listen.

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