Flamborough Head – Lost in Time (2013)

FlamboroughHead_LostInTime4 out of 5 Stars!

When hunting for music similar to Magenta—my favorite Prog-Rock band with a female vocalist—I stumbled across Flamborough Head, a group from the Netherlands, which is one act that is indeed quite similar.

Like Magenta, Flamborough Head’s music often falls into the same Symphonic Prog style as Genesis, IQ, Arena, Camel, Marillion and a host of other supreme groups. Although the current singer, Margriet Boomsma, might not have a timbre and delivery style as instantly recognizable as that of the insanely terrific Christina Booth from Magenta, she certainly does possess an alluring and expressive voice nonetheless.

The albums I own by Flamborough Head are all quite enjoyable, and Lost in Time, the band’s seventh and most recent release, is a favorite among them. Here, the dexterous musicians are always at the top of their game, producing often-complex, dramatic, and high-quality music as clearly displayed on the epic tracks such as “Damage Done,” “The Trapper,” “Andrassy Road,” and the title track, with plenty of old-style keyboards and synths, luscious guitar solos, a tight rhythm section, and even a bit of flute and recorder included to add some extra spice.

Overall, Lost in Time is top-shelf material from a highly talented band.

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